July 2014

Look to our Seas! The Valmer Project – MoVI M10 – Blog


Valmer Project MoVI M10 Construct CreativesIn the early summer, Construct Creatives’ MoVI M10 and the fantastic FlyLine cable dolly were called in alongside the guys from BTTP Films to create a film for the Valmer project.

It is not too long ago that our collective consciousness considered the oceans as an inexhaustible treasure trove that could be plundered without qualms. The seas seem innumerably large and unfathomably deep. However, our ever-increasing over-exploitation of its resources has come to the top of many people’s agendas with governments around the world noting the need to take stock.

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Following Join In’s ‘Local Heroes’ Campaign – Tour de ITV – CC’s Blog


On the 1 July 14, as the frenzy of Yorkshire’s Tour de France debut was reaching fever pitch, celebrities from Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and Good Morning Britain took part in their very own Tour de ITV. As part of the Local Heroes campaign – an initiative aimed at promoting volunteering within local sports communities – the celebs took on a soap-to-soap challenge, cycling the 60 mile trans-Pennine gauntlet from Coronation Street in Manchester’s Media City to Emmerdale’s Woolpack Pub.

Tour de ITV Blog movi

Join In volunteers, local clubs, schools, and community centres all came out to support the ride, spreading the message that sport is nothing without support. Without the Olympic game’s 70,000 volunteers, for example, who contributed eight million hours of their time, the event would never have taken place.

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Do dinosaurs still live among us? – a MOVI M10 Movie

Paul Mackeson, Karim Daftari Clarke and Tony Edmonds filming with the archaeopteryx statue

In April 2014, in partnership with the BBC Natural History Unit and Back to the Planet Films, Construct Creatives used the MOVI M10 and Canon C300 to capture a sequence of films looking at how dinosaurs survived their nearly total mass-extinction.

Presented by Ben Garrod, filmed by Paul Mackeson and Karim Daftari Clarke, and directed by Alan Pleass, ‘Do dinosaurs still live among us?’ takes a look at this mega-event. It demonstrates that, one group – the theropod dinosaurs – survived, despite all the odds.

To check out the movies on the BBC iWonder site, please click HERE

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