August 2014

It came! It finally came! Construct’s got the DJI Ronin!!!

DJI Ronin Rental movi m10 hireConstruct Creatives are happy to announce that they are now the proud owners of the fantastic DJI Ronin.

This 3-axis stabilised handheld gimbal system, whilst not boasting as light a spec as our Freefly MoVI M10, is able to take heavier payloads than its rival.

The DJI Ronin can take 7.25kg (that’s 16lb to you imperialists). That’s 2.72kg (6lb) more than the MoVI M10 which means a bigger lenses, more filters, and even a matt box if necessary (a feature that is just too heavy for the MoVI).

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Dean Macey and the Join In Volunteering Decathlon – MoVI Blog

Former Olympian decathlete Dean Macey is renowned for being an all-round sports champion, but taking part in the Join In Volunteering Decathlon took him to ‘a whole new level’, and Construct Creatives were lucky enough to film it.

Giving back support to sport by pitching in with the volunteering at the Norton Sports Complex in Stockton-on-Tees, Dean got stuck in, lending a hand at 10 sports clubs in just 90 minutes.

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Whizz! Bang! Boom! Construct Creatives Films at BBC’s Da Vinci’s Demons – MoVI M10 Blog

Suspended amidst the Blade Runner-esque industrial vistas that line the S. Welsh coast and the steep embankments of the indomitable Welsh hills, 21st century Wales might seem the very antithesis of renaissance Florence. However, slap bang in the middle of an industrial estate, built upon grimy gravel and concrete, Da Vinci’s Italy is brought to life… or at least a version of it anyway.

Whilst their Arri Alexas are shouldered and craned, the MoVI M10’s gimbal allows for free-flowing movement that is not constrained by the kind of special requirements that are needed for something like a 20ft crane. To get in and amongst the action packed sequences that they wanted to film, they called in our MoVI M10.

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Going for Gold at the Join In Summer Relay – MoVI – Blog


Amidst the fantastically vibrant hustle and bustle of the Battersea Summer Sports Scheme, on Tuesday 5 August, Construct Creatives were delighted to commence filming the Join In Summer Relay.
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‘What’s going on, off-court?’ – Evian’s ‘Live Young’ video series – MoVI M10 – Blog

Getting knee deep in strawberries, cream, and celebrities, Construct Creatives took the MoVI M10 to Wimbledon this summer, filming behind the scenes off-court celebrity action for evian’s ‘Live Young’ video series.

With Sky Sports pundit Olivia Wayne and stand-up comedian Matt Richardson presenting, Karim Clarke, Dan Reed, and Benson Neilson got to it with the Freefly MoVI M10, the C300, and the 5d Mk III. The Construct Creatives team had great fun filming the likes of Maria Sharapova, Jack Whitehall, and Radio One’s Greg James, to name but a few, in Evian’s own private celebrity-filled suite just off court number one.

As the championship’s official water suppliers, Evian got some great briefs for us to film. From the ‘celebrity ball boy challenge’ in which celebs had to answer as many questions correct as possible in under 60 seconds to the ‘ stars party at Wimbledon’, a gathering that Evian describes as ‘one of the biggest events of the social calendar’, we got to film with some big names in some great locations.


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