February 2015

Mary J Blige – Mastercard – Priceless Moments


Construct Creatives Filmed Mary J Blige for Mastercard.
As part of one of their Priceless Moments, Mary J Blige gave a private performance to her Superfan, Lana.
Believing that Mary J Blige was actually just allowing Lana to have a private viewing of a streamed performance, a short way into Mary’s performance the curtain drops to reveal that Mary J Blige is actually there!
As part of a five camera crew capturing this Priceless Moment, we flew our Cable Dolly with the Freefly MoVI M15 underslung over the top of the scene providing the revealing overview as the curtain dropped.

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Jonny May – LV= – Broken Through


Having made the England squad for this year’s Six Nations rugby extravaganza, and having made his 100th appearance for Gloucester to boot, its been quite a 2015 so far for 24 year old winger Jonny May.

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