June 2015

DJI’s Latest Drone: the Matice 100

dji_matrice_100 dji inspire hire

Check out the DJI Matice 100. It’s DJI’s first quadcopter aimed at the commercial sector. Fully programmable using the DJI software development kit (SDK), it can be modified in a host of different ways, making it perfect for today’s tinkers, fiddlers, and general mess-around-ers.

“Creativity is the lifeblood of our contemporary worldwide society”, says Navjot Singh, DJI’s Brand Experience Manager, and it is this creativity – this market of messers – that the DJI boffins are attempting to corner with this latest drone.

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Filming the Run It Campaign for Join In

Catching every bead of sweat, every triumphal smile, every grimace of pain, in true campaign trail style, Construct Creatives hit the road hard filming three running events in just two days. Chasing down record breaking running speed demons, we filmed in Essex, Central London, and Bognor Regis.

Barely sleeping, always filming, this was film-making on the edge.

With a five-camera setup at each event we filmed from every possible angle. We used the Canon C300 on the shoulder, the Canon XF305 on sticks, the Canon 60D on the DJI Ronin, the GoPro on the chests of runners, and strapped the Nikon D200 to various vantage points with the intervalometer plugged in to capture time lapses.

We met a knight in shining amour, a man dressed as a pig, and Ronnie O’ Sullivan to boot.

Checkout the first two films below:

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