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Filming The Adventure Promo - MoVI - Blog

Early summer 2014, kicking up storms of dust at dawn in a disused quarry in deepest, darkest Gloucestershire, Construct Creatives, BTTP Films, and the Flying Camera Company got extreme. Filming from the air, the ground, and underwater, and all in Ultra High Definition, this shoot commenced the first in a series that will culminate in the creation of the Adventure Promo, due for completion early next year.

adventure promo movi m10 m15

Working on a premise similar to that of the Cadbury’s Milk Tray adverts from the 1980’s, ads where a dashing, 007-esque daredevil risks life and limb to deliver chocolate to various women-in-need, this promo follows our hero’s quest to deliver his dame a glass full of ice.

With extreme sports aficionado Sam Stevenson as the face of the Adventure Promo, the film, once completed, will follow the all-round extremist as he kayaks, downhill mountain bikes, white water rafts, swims, abseils, and rock climbs his way from A to B.

With the Gloucestershire quarry (AKA The Cromhall Diving Centre), being the first of a sequence of exciting locations, the variety of sets will give fantastic opportunities to showcase all the fantastic kit we can bring to the table – to demonstrate the multifaceted media experience that we can offer.

With Construct Creatives’ Karim operating the Freefly MoVI M10 assisted by Gail Jenkinson who pulled focus, we attached the gimballed camera to a FlyLine Cable Dolly. Using this dolly’s 200 meter reach, we suspended it over the lake at the centre of the quarry, using a 4×4 to counterweight the surprisingly large amount of pull that is exerted even by the lightweight MoVI equipment when it is suspended at such distances. Don’t worry, the cable can take a load of 7 TONS! Meanwhile, high above and pushing the LiPo 3000’s to their limits, the Octocopter operated by Ben Platts and Steve Quan whirred on.

Whilst Sam ripped down the side of the quarry followed by the chopper, the high-speed dolly sent the MoVI M10 over the water, capturing him as he launched the himself and the bike off a ramp and into the depths of the lake. Ready and waiting for Sam to dive into the lake, our underwater cameraman completed the sequence, finalising the transition from sky to land to water.