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DJI’s Latest Drone: the Matice 100

dji_matrice_100 dji inspire hire

Check out the DJI Matice 100. It’s DJI’s first quadcopter aimed at the commercial sector. Fully programmable using the DJI software development kit (SDK), it can be modified in a host of different ways, making it perfect for today’s tinkers, fiddlers, and general mess-around-ers.

“Creativity is the lifeblood of our contemporary worldwide society”, says Navjot Singh, DJI’s Brand Experience Manager, and it is this creativity – this market of messers – that the DJI boffins are attempting to corner with this latest drone.

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Filming the Run It Campaign for Join In

Catching every bead of sweat, every triumphal smile, every grimace of pain, in true campaign trail style, Construct Creatives hit the road hard filming three running events in just two days. Chasing down record breaking running speed demons, we filmed in Essex, Central London, and Bognor Regis.

Barely sleeping, always filming, this was film-making on the edge.

With a five-camera setup at each event we filmed from every possible angle. We used the Canon C300 on the shoulder, the Canon XF305 on sticks, the Canon 60D on the DJI Ronin, the GoPro on the chests of runners, and strapped the Nikon D200 to various vantage points with the intervalometer plugged in to capture time lapses.

We met a knight in shining amour, a man dressed as a pig, and Ronnie O’ Sullivan to boot.

Checkout the first two films below:

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Video Content Marketing: The Power of Audio-Visual Communication

Why is video the best platform for marketing out there today? Companies constantly release stats on how video is the most effective marketing medium, and it’s easy to see why.

Video Content Marketing - Video production company bristol - why video is the best marketing medium - Karim Clarke with Freefly MoVI M15 Aerial filming With ever increasing connectivity amongst mobile, desktop, tablet, and wearable tech users, to name but a few, today’s world is increasingly digitised. With the advent of 5G (40 times faster than 4G) and BT promising 500Mbps broadband throughout the UK within the next 10 years, high definition video content can and will be streamed across all your devices wherever you might be.

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The DJI Phantom 3 is here! But is it any good?

We compare the DJI Phantom 3 with its predecessor the Phantom 2 and its camera with its main rival the GoPro Hero4 Black.

DJI Phantom 3 Review uav drone hire uk bristol aerial filming

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Filming David Haye for Join In – Blog

David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye? Boxing? Volunteering? YES!
Last Wednesday (25.3.15) we filmed former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye for Join In as he showed his support for sport and paid Double Jab boxing club in New Cross, South London a surprise visit.

Helping out volunteer extraordinaire Head Coach Mike Harris and giving out tips to local boxing talent, such as rising-star and hard-hitter Marnie Millz Swindells, the boxing champ explained in an interview with Construct Creatives that he’d be nowhere today if it weren’t for the volunteers that helped him along the way.

David Haye standing next to paul mackeson in boxing club in south london. Join In asked Construct Creatives for video production services. the photos are by mash mirza canon camera.

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The MoVI Guys – our new MoVI Website

The MoVI Guys

Here at Construct Creatives we are experts in camera movement. We love our Cable dollies and our 4K Aerial Filming Drones,but we love our MoVIs so much that we created our very own MoVI offshoot company: The MoVI Guys –

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Mary J Blige – Mastercard – Priceless Moments


Construct Creatives Filmed Mary J Blige for Mastercard.
As part of one of their Priceless Moments, Mary J Blige gave a private performance to her Superfan, Lana.
Believing that Mary J Blige was actually just allowing Lana to have a private viewing of a streamed performance, a short way into Mary’s performance the curtain drops to reveal that Mary J Blige is actually there!
As part of a five camera crew capturing this Priceless Moment, we flew our Cable Dolly with the Freefly MoVI M15 underslung over the top of the scene providing the revealing overview as the curtain dropped.

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Jonny May – LV= – Broken Through


Having made the England squad for this year’s Six Nations rugby extravaganza, and having made his 100th appearance for Gloucester to boot, its been quite a 2015 so far for 24 year old winger Jonny May.

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VEVO Halloween


On 1st November 14, at the ‘Survivors vs Zombies’ extravaganza at vevo HALLOWEEN in Manchester, Construct Creatives attached the Freefly MoVI M10 to the FlyLine Cable Dolly and sent it flying out over the heads of a 5000 strong crowd.

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Buxton Water Advert – MoVI M10 – BLOG

Filming an advert for Buxton Water in and amongst central London, Construct Creatives were called in for their expert MoVI know-how to capture smooth moving shots at a small cost.
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