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Filming The Adventure Promo – MoVI – Blog

Early summer 2014, kicking up storms of dust at dawn in a disused quarry in deepest, darkest Gloucestershire, Construct Creatives, BTTP Films, and the Flying Camera Company got extreme. Filming from the air, the ground, and underwater, and all in Ultra High Definition, this shoot commenced the first in a series that will culminate in the creation of the Adventure Promo, due for completion early next year.

adventure promo movi m10 m15

Working on a premise similar to that of the Cadbury’s Milk Tray adverts from the 1980’s, ads where a dashing, 007-esque daredevil risks life and limb to deliver chocolate to various women-in-need, this promo follows our hero’s quest to deliver his dame a glass full of ice.

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CC Films ITV Tonight

Tune into ITV Tonight on Thursday at 7.30PM to check out presenter Jonathon Maitland explore the weird and wonderful world of the Science of Happiness as he meets people who have transformed their lives in the pursuit of contentment.

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Steadicam and Gimbal Makes for Super Stabilisation

Last week we combined our DJI Ronin 3-axis camera stabilisation gimbal with a Steadicam XCS Ultimate 2 Sled (connected to a vest via Pro Arms) to create fully stabilised shots. Our DJI Ronin has a specially made quick release clamp to attach it to the Steadicam. As soon as our eagerly awaited MoVI M15 arrives we will be able to attach it via the new ‘Toad-in-the-Hole” quick release system.

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The Odd Folk – Blog

Folking fast and furious in and amongst dells and dingles of Derbyshire, Construct Creatives gripped the tweed tail of the fantastic Odd Folk as they tumultuously toured in their French Renault 4.

This “foot stompin’, free wheelin’ quintet playing their own brand of “triumphant folk” were a great band to film. Their self-proclaimed lack of organizational skills made for some sidesplitting content.

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Bikeability – Construct Creatives – MoVI M10

Construct Creatives teamed up with Back to the Planet Films (BTTP) earlier this year as they needed our MoVI M10 specialist skill set to film action sequences for a promotional video showcasing the governmental cycling proficiency scheme, Bikeability.

Andrei hopping the gap with Karim clark on the MoVI m10 video production company Karim and the MoVI M10 underneath andreiKarim filming Andrei's stunts with the MoVi M10

Spinning off walls, hopping the gap over water hazards, and planting his trails bike with pin-point precision,  cyclist and narrator Andrei Burton put the MoVI M10 team through their paces.

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Google’s Creatives Sandbox Event at the Cannes Lions Festival – MoVi M10 – Blog

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Join In Summer Relay Round Up Video – Blog

This summer Construct Creatives have been on a rip-roaring roller coaster ride.
We were delighted to film this year’s Join In adventure that took place over August. We followed the volunteering charity as they sought to rally 100,000 new volunteers into grassroots sports by celebrating true sporting heroes: those volunteers that valiantly give up their time to enable grass-roots sports to exist.

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It came! It finally came! Construct’s got the DJI Ronin!!!

DJI Ronin Rental movi m10 hireConstruct Creatives are happy to announce that they are now the proud owners of the fantastic DJI Ronin.

This 3-axis stabilised handheld gimbal system, whilst not boasting as light a spec as our Freefly MoVI M10, is able to take heavier payloads than its rival.

The DJI Ronin can take 7.25kg (that’s 16lb to you imperialists). That’s 2.72kg (6lb) more than the MoVI M10 which means a bigger lenses, more filters, and even a matt box if necessary (a feature that is just too heavy for the MoVI).

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Dean Macey and the Join In Volunteering Decathlon – MoVI Blog

Former Olympian decathlete Dean Macey is renowned for being an all-round sports champion, but taking part in the Join In Volunteering Decathlon took him to ‘a whole new level’, and Construct Creatives were lucky enough to film it.

Giving back support to sport by pitching in with the volunteering at the Norton Sports Complex in Stockton-on-Tees, Dean got stuck in, lending a hand at 10 sports clubs in just 90 minutes.

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Whizz! Bang! Boom! Construct Creatives Films at BBC’s Da Vinci’s Demons – MoVI M10 Blog

Suspended amidst the Blade Runner-esque industrial vistas that line the S. Welsh coast and the steep embankments of the indomitable Welsh hills, 21st century Wales might seem the very antithesis of renaissance Florence. However, slap bang in the middle of an industrial estate, built upon grimy gravel and concrete, Da Vinci’s Italy is brought to life… or at least a version of it anyway.

Whilst their Arri Alexas are shouldered and craned, the MoVI M10’s gimbal allows for free-flowing movement that is not constrained by the kind of special requirements that are needed for something like a 20ft crane. To get in and amongst the action packed sequences that they wanted to film, they called in our MoVI M10.

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