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DJI's Latest Drone: the Matice 100

dji_matrice_100 dji inspire hire

Check out the DJI Matice 100. It’s DJI’s first quadcopter aimed at the commercial sector. Fully programmable using the DJI software development kit (SDK), it can be modified in a host of different ways, making it perfect for today’s tinkers, fiddlers, and general mess-around-ers.

“Creativity is the lifeblood of our contemporary worldwide society”, says Navjot Singh, DJI’s Brand Experience Manager, and it is this creativity – this market of messers – that the DJI boffins are attempting to corner with this latest drone.

It is aimed at a market that will apply its own set of software and hardware modifications, and it hosts various expansion bays to accommodate this.

Its new aptly named “Guidance” system, for example, which, like the Visual Positioning System on the bottom of DJI latest drones, enables the quadcopter to fly safely and without user mediation around obstacles; or the Lepton high-performance infrared camera which can sense temperature differences of less than a tenth of degree.

Jeff Frank says, “from our perspective as sensor and camera manufacturers we view drones as a platform to place sensors in the air.”

Other features:

  • Lightbridge
  • 2 mile operating distance
  • 2 battery slots
  • Adjustable arm angles for greater torque
  • 50% less vibration
  • Upgraded flight controller

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