DJI Ronin Hire

Wet or Dry DJI Ronin Rental w/ Operators to UK and Worldwide

DJI Ronin Hire UK (DJI ronin rig rental uk) hire our DJI Ronins today with or without operators gimbal movi freefly

DJI Ronin Hire at Construct Creatives available in the UK and Worldwide
Here at Construct Creatives we offer DJI Ronin Hire UK – a market leading gimbal immensely popular among video production professionals the world over.

Do you want to add super-smooth stabilised shots to your film? The DJI Ronin hire is an affordable and effective way of adding value to your shoot. The 3 axis camera stabiliser is a fantastic piece of kit. Quick to set up and easy to use, its powerful motors mean the DJI Ronin Hire can handle  payloads of 16 lbs (7.25 kg), meaning an endless array of different cameras, lenses, matt-boxes, filters, lens controllers, et al.

High-precision machine-tooled aircraft-grade aluminium, mega-accurate sensor tech, custom-made 32-bit processors, and advanced algorithms, DJI’s fantastic motorised 3 axis gimbal system is both reliable and super-stable, giving superbly precise control of angles: accuracy of +/-0.02 degrees is achievable. The DJI Ronin hire is also flexible and can be used with a multitude of cameras from the Red Epic down to small compact system cameras.

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Dry hire the DJI ronin or bundle it with our 4K aerial filming drones, cable dollies, cameras, tracks, lighting options, sound options, lenses, follow focus options, and other gimbals (including MoVIs).

Do you want to add fully stabilised moving shots to your film? Contact us about hiring our DJI Ronin now.

The DJI Ronin hire can be used in any of three operation modes: Upright Mode, AKA overslung, provides an eye level perspective, normal underslung mode provides any viewpoint from chest height to ground level, and Briefcase Mode where it is flipped on its side to give it a slimmer profile perfect for tight situations.

The DJI Ronin hire’s tool free adjustment compliments the built-in balance adjustment system and setup is possible in as little as 5 minutes. Furthermore, when setting up or changing position/configuration the ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology intelligently fine-tunes the gimbal to your rig, and moothtrack Control enables smooth changes in camera angle for operation by a single individual.

The DJI Ronin hire utilises its well established tech from DJI’s Zemuse range of gimbals (brushless motors, multiple control modes and built-in IMU) for an ultra-smooth operation, and comes supplied with a 2nd operator remote control which enables the second operator to control camera movement independent of gimbal movement.

Additional features: quick-release detachable top handlebar, quick swap-smart battery, mountings for 15mm rods, Bluetooth Assistant software, and a DJI Assistant App giving the Ronin’s vital stats in real time.

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Key Specifications

– weight: 9.26 lbs / 4.2 kg

– cage: 225mm(h) x 195mm(w) x 140mm(l)

– payload: 16 lbs / 7.25 kgs

DJI Ronin Hire UK