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FlyLine Cable Dolly (Cable Cam) hire UK.

Our Video Production Company offers Cable Dolly (Cable Cam) Rental with fully trained Cable Dolly specialist operators in Bristol, the UK, and Worldwide. Hire our FlyLine Cable Dolly Today.

Here at Construct Creatives we offer Cable dolly hire  (cable cam) to Bristol, London, the UK, and Worldwide.

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flyline cable dolly rental hire cable cam rent freely movi m10 red epic zeiss cp.2 T1.5 85mm (cable dolly hire rental) zipline cam wire cam zip lineThe FlyLine Cable Cam is a state of the art cable dolly (zip line cam) ready for hire at Construct Creatives. The cable dolly hire can travel at speeds of 55kph for high-speed chase scenes, or as slow as 0.5 meters per minute for super-smooth and slow shots.

flyline cable cam cable dolly hire rent rental mount batten (cable dolly hire) zip line camera (zipline)The remotely operated cable dolly (cable cam) has a 200 metre range. It can carry 40lbs of weight when level, or 18lbs at 12 degrees. and it can be attached to either our Freefly MoVI M10 or our DJI Ronin to create some entirely unique shots. Check out our promo video above to see just how exciting and unique camera  shots can be when attached to our cable dolly.

The latter gimbal can take heavier payloads whereas the former is lighter and therefore more easily manoeuvrable. This is handy if the filming party wanted to take the MoVI M10 or DJI Ronin off of the cable dolly, for example. This can be achieved in one fluid motion.

flyline cable dolly rental hire cable cam rent (cable dolly hire rental) also known as a zip line cam, a wire cam, a zipline cam, and a zip camThe cable dolly (cable cam) uses Kenyon KS4 stabilising gyroscopes for extra-smooth shooting. This combined with either of our gimbal camera systems creates fantastically smooth shots. The cable dolly also boasts a mega battery life. When braking the Asynchronous Braking System (ARB) kicks in, harvesting wasted kinetic energy for later use as electricity, meaning an approximate 90 minute battery life.

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Cable Dolly Cable Cam Hire UK.