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Mary J Blige – Mastercard – Priceless Moments


Construct Creatives Filmed Mary J Blige for Mastercard.
As part of one of their Priceless Moments, Mary J Blige gave a private performance to her Superfan, Lana.
Believing that Mary J Blige was actually just allowing Lana to have a private viewing of a streamed performance, a short way into Mary’s performance the curtain drops to reveal that Mary J Blige is actually there!
As part of a five camera crew capturing this Priceless Moment, we flew our Cable Dolly with the Freefly MoVI M15 underslung over the top of the scene providing the revealing overview as the curtain dropped.

We rigged the Cable Dolly between an RSJ and a specially fixed wall mounting over a short 30 metre run. This was the first time we attached our new M15 to the cable dolly outside of practice and our specially made toad in the hole system worked perfectly.

We utilised a Canon C300 with a P/L mount and 3 way control of the iris zoom and focus. Tony Edmonds operated the cable dolly, Karim Clarke operated the Freefly MoVI M15, Alan Pleass controlled focus, iris, and zoom, and Dave Herman rigged and camera assisted.