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CC’s MoVI M10 Operators on an Action Packed Shoot!

MoVI M10 operators

CC’s MoVI M10 operators filming at Shrovetide Football in Ashbourne


You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front recently, and that’s purely because we’ve had so much going on! Our MoVI M10 operators have been working all over the UK and abroad, including an action packed shoot documenting Shrovetide Football – one of our country’s most unusual and extraordinary sporting traditions!

The shoot was for Ready to Air Productions of New York for their client, Red Bull Media. Our MoVI M10 operators were brought in by the production company as a specialist crew and the MoVI M10 was the ideal kit for capturing some of the fast-paced action that took place. Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football is a football match played in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday but it is far from a standard football match! The game is played in two 8-hour stints, the goals are 3 miles apart and there are almost no rules, apart from:

1. Players cannot go onto sacred ground (i.e. hospitals and cemeteries);
2. No motorised vehicles are allowed and;
3. Don’t kill anyone on purpose!

Shrovetide Football takes place across all sorts of terrain, including fields, rivers and streets (where all the shops windows are boarded up!) and CC’s MoVI M10 operators got some fantastic footage. The MoVI M10 really gave us the ability to gain smooth moving shots of the game that couldn’t have been achieved by any other means.

Gianclaudio Angelini, Executive Producer and Owner of Ready to Air Productions and Director on our shoot had this to say:

       “Although I have been involved in the video production for many live sport events, including the NFL, Shrovetide is like nothing I had seen before – not only for the roughness and the speed of the game but also for the size of the field. I knew the MoVI could deliver on a real (and present danger) situation like this one. The ‘MoVI guys’ however truly went above and beyond our expectations by getting really (really!) close to the action and adding tremendous value to this production.”

It really was an exciting documentary to be involved in, and a fantastic crew to work with. Shrovetide really tested the capabilities of our MoVI M10 and it more than lived up to expectation. We’re also pretty taken with our new nickname – ‘the MoVI guys’ – which is in fact how we were referred to during the whole production by the rest of the team, to the point where our new moniker replaced the use of our personal names!

We’ll pass on the details about where to watch the documentary as soon as we have them….

To have a look at some of our crew, check out the Derby Telegraph where we got a mention!