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A Fantastic Foray with The Odd Folk - A Blog

Folking fast and furious in and amongst dells and dingles of Derbyshire, Construct Creatives gripped the tweed tail of the fantastic Odd Folk as they tumultuously toured in their French Renault 4.

This “foot stompin’, free wheelin’ quintet playing their own brand of “triumphant folk” were a great band to film. Their self-proclaimed lack of organizational skills made for some sidesplitting content.

With a trailer strapped to the back and a piano on the roof, the 27-year-old miniature tour bus took on the peaks and troughs of the Lake District with a max speed of 50 mph!

the odd folk music band bristol movi freelyForgetting instruments, using piano cases for sleeping bags, and replacing mic-stands with tree-branches, the ‘passionately ramshackle’ band exemplify through their categorically absurdist disorganisation that what defines a band is not simply a sterile transition of sound to ear, but Mayhem! Music! Mishaps! And most importantly: Friendship.

With the film out now and ready to watch, the next installment in the saga – ‘The Cheese and Tulip Tour’ of Holland and Belgium – was filmed in the beginning weeks of October and will be out soon.

the odd folk construct creatives movi m10 cable dolly