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Running with the Bulls - Trailer

Running with the Bulls is a 2012 film that covers the famous and controversial tradition at Pamplona’s festival of San Fermin. Shot by Construct Creatives, the film takes a look at the pros and cons of bull fighting as it follows campaigners and enthusiasts alike, capturing the various perspectives as they strive to complete their own goals.

The Construct Creatives crew went out to Pamplona for a two-week shoot with writer and presenter of the piece, Jason Farrell. Following the journey the bulls take from the farm to the blood soaked arena, the San Fermin Festival is both a beautiful and brutal event that was a very challenging environment to work in.

While the San Fermin Festival is wildly popular in Spain, it is the Pamplona Bull Run that has captured the hearts and imaginations of the entire world. Whilst there are other Bull Runs around the world, none has captured the heart and soul of a people like the Bull Run in Pamplona.

Running with the Bulls has been distributed by Filmworks Entertainment and is available now.