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Steadicam and Gimbal Makes for Super Stabilisation

Last week we combined our DJI Ronin 3-axis camera stabilisation gimbal with a Steadicam XCS Ultimate 2 Sled (connected to a vest via Pro Arms) to create fully stabilised shots. Our DJI Ronin has a specially made quick release clamp to attach it to the Steadicam. As soon as our eagerly awaited MoVI M15 arrives we will be able to attach it via the new ‘Toad-in-the-Hole” quick release system.

Whilst the DJI Ronin, like our Freefly MoVI M10 and our soon-to-be-received MoVI M15, provides stabilisation for the pan axis, roll axis, and the tilt axis, it relies on the operator to control up and down jib-like movement.

Combining our gimbals with the Steadicam provides fully motorised control, eliminating the predominance of human error that could affect the shot. It thereby enables moving shots that can indefinitely be maintained at specified heights and completely controlled transitions between any combinations of shot heights.

steadicam gimbal movi m10 dji ronin 2