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On 1st November 14, at the ‘Survivors vs Zombies’ extravaganza at vevo HALLOWEEN in Manchester, Construct Creatives attached the Freefly MoVI M10 to the FlyLine Cable Dolly and sent it flying out over the heads of a 5000 strong crowd.

With stars Labrinth, Rixton, Ella Eyre, and Gorgon City playing to herds of zombies, compendiums of clowns, and bunches of bloodied bone-crushing butchers, we used the fantastic camera stabilisation combo to provide a live feed to the massive on-stage screens.

Using an ARRI focus unit to control iris, zoom, and focus, a RED 18-35mm lens, we pushed the MoVI to its limits. It was just below maximum payload, just within spatial boundaries, and – as far as we know – the set-up was a world first!

arri and red 2 vevo halloween