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Video Content Marketing: The Power of Audio-Visual Communication

Why is video the best platform for marketing out there today? Companies constantly release stats on how video is the most effective marketing medium, and it’s easy to see why.

Video Content Marketing - Video production company bristol - why video is the best marketing medium - Karim Clarke with Freefly MoVI M15 Aerial filming With ever increasing connectivity amongst mobile, desktop, tablet, and wearable tech users, to name but a few, today’s world is increasingly digitised. With the advent of 5G (40 times faster than 4G) and BT promising 500Mbps broadband throughout the UK within the next 10 years, high definition video content can and will be streamed across all your devices wherever you might be.

Video Content Marketing bristol video production company editing filming shooting recording camera lens film media cop movi m10 movi m15 freely dji ronin  It is the preferred form of content marketing and the stats are there to prove it. Cisco predicts that streaming video will make up 79 percent of all Internet traffic by 2018, YouTube is the biggest search engine after Google, and, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 61 of the top 100 brands out there embed YouTube videos on their websites.

Video Content Marketing video production company bristol FReefly Construct Creatives' MoVI M10 filming Ben Garrod in SomersetPsychologically speaking, visual content consumption trumps written or audio consumption. That is, around 90% of information relayed to the brain is visual, and visuals are comprehended 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. This means when it comes to getting your message across quickly, concisely, and effectively, the best way to do so is through the medium of film: deliciously content-rich, demographically-centred, purpose built provocative film that entertains as much as it informs.

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